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About Us

Mike's Taste of Philly was an original idea by Mikes taste of Philly LLC. and was looking for a good place to set up shop was a difficult task in its own. We wanted to be in a family type area where people could walk to the location, we could deliver our product in a respectful time to our customers, and people could feel like they were in a locally owned shop.We found many locations that could suit our needs but we found the location that swept us right off our feet.

Dave Thomas from the locally owned "Yellow Submarine" in West Reading came into play at the very last minute. David's dedication to his customers and to his business impressed me very much but when David and I spoke about the possibility of us entering the location, I was taken back and thrilled at the same time to even be considered to do this.

After many converstations David and I agreed that the time would be right to launch Mike's Taste of Philly into West Reading.
The idea was to close the door on Yellow Submarine in April 2012 and we would re-open the location in early May of 2012 as Mike's Taste of Philly. David did close his door on April 14, 2012.

On May 18th 2012, a new restaurant was introduced into West Reading Pennsylvania and we can finally say that "Mike's Taste of Philly" is here!
We all would'nt mind going back in time and experience something all over again. I know that to experience a Phillies World Series win or to look back at the dominance of the Flyers in the cup years would be great moments to re-live. Maybe seeing a Jaws jersey will take you back to the 1980 Superbowl against the Oakland Raiders in New Orleans...actually for me, the NFC Championship against the hated Cowboys. We rarely hear about the days of the Philadelphia A's when they were our American league representative in the MLB or the history of the Philadelphia Athletics. Well, we cannot put you in a time machine but we can surround you with a look at some of the events that Philadelphia experienced. Movies that were filmed on location right in Philadelphia, Championships achieved right in the city of Brotherly Love, and memorabilia of professional boxers that represented and defended the slogan " from the fighting city of Philadelphia".

I always want to ensure quality and consistancy in sandwiches and all menu items. All orders are will be read back to our customers prior to receiving. This way it will ensure the order is correct and the way you wanted it. It has been my experience, with some places, that customer service has slipped away. I want to give you what you ordered and what your dollar is paying for. It is a priority to minimize any mistakes and to satisfy all who dine with us.

I wanted to bring something here that wont break the bank to eat at. I wanted to bring a style of Pizza like the type I used to eat in Northeast Philly, and I wanted to give both types of cheesesteaks that everyone enjoys. I wanted all this and above it all,  customer satisfaction. I hope to see you soon!

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